Fuck Yeah Kit Harington!

Anonymous asked: "I love you after that reply to that post. You are marvelous. That delusional fangirl needs to get her shit straight. Who cares if he is dating Rose. I'm a fan of Kit Harington and of his work. His personal life is something else."

Thank you :) I try not to post about his personal life as much as I can. Because it’s his life and he deserves his privacy(And just like you, I’m a fan of him and his work, not his personal life). Just as Rose does. And it’s sickening to see this kind of hate towards her on this subject, so I just had to reply to that post.

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Anonymous asked: "I've been away awhile, popped up on here, and apparently I missed something. Are Kit and Rose dating? I don't necessarily say it's surprising if they are or anything. I'm just surprised if something was said that they are! lol"

TMZ has reported, along with a picture of Kit holding her hand, that they are in fact dating. However, Kit nor Rose has said anything on the matter. So at the moment, I’m treating it as unconfirmed/their business.

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Anonymous asked: "Hi!! LOVE the blog, is there a way to make the font a LITTLE bit bigger? :s"

Thank you! I will try! I apologize that it’s still too small! I’ll fix it in a few minutes.

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Anonymous asked: "Please change your words colour. They are white and small i cant read them."

I apologize! I was actually going to do a new layout tonight anyways. So I’ll let you know when that’s all fixed up :)

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Anonymous asked: "is he dating with this orange head girl?"

Her name is Rose Leslie. And she plays Ygritte in Game of Thrones. As far as we know…well, we don’t know. They were pictured together having a meal and that’s it. If they are dating, great, I’m happy for them. But that’s their business and no one else’s :) 

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