Fuck Yeah Kit Harington!

Don’t forget to go and see Silent Hill: Revelation 3D!
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Shock: How about those really cool props and set decoration? Have you taken anything home?
Adelaide: I took my head cast, ‘cause I had this…like a crazy mask. So that was cool.
Shock: What do you use the mask for?
Amm, for the charecter’s…
Kit: Just walking around at home…
Adelaide: Going to buy a morning coffee… 
Kit: I just like putting it on…


Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Panel New York Comic Con 2012


When Kit Harington limped onto the NYCC floor, nursing an ankle injury, he was bombarded by fans dressed as his television character, Jon Snow. But the “Game of Thrones” star wasn’t at the convention to promote the show. Rather, he’s got his first horror film coming out, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D,” on October 26, co-starring his “Thrones” father, Sean Bean.

“There was a bit of teasing about being his bastard son,” Harington laughed. “But it was nice to be in a different genre, a different environment, with the same actor. We shot this straight off the first season of ‘Thrones,’ and we got to be in normal clothes for once!”

Harington plays Vincent, a character originally found in the video game that the film series is based on, but his version is remarkably different from the order priest. “He has a change of heart,” the actor said. “If we had been sticking to the video game, then I wouldn’t have been cast.”

Vincent accompanies the female protagonist — let’s call her Heather Mason — on her journey back to Silent Hill, a town caught in a sort of dream dimension in which the darkness takes over and monstrous creatures of corrupted flesh torment the people there. When they enter Silent Hill, it looks like snow is falling, but it’s ash, since the town is perpetually burning.

“I love the ash in 3D,” Harington said. “It kind of freaked my eyes out at first, but I love the image of the girl walking forward and the ash coming down.”

Since Silent Hill’s dreamscape is about nightmares come to life, it’s only fitting that its stars have had a little trouble sleeping since the shoot. “I hope I’m never strapped to a gurney with demon nurses trying to kill me again,” Harington laughed.

When the actor had to have a pin removed in the hospital, he flashed back to his scene in “Silent Hill” “because I was on a gurney in a hospital,” he said. “I was passing in and out of consciousness, because I’m quite a queasy person when it comes to blood and syringes, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s happening all over again!’”

One of the scariest — and most iconic — characters from the film and video game series is Pyramid Head, who rivals Harington (for now) in the fan devotion department. “All these people were coming up to me going, ‘Pyramid Head, he’s my favorite,’ ” Harington said.

Once the film is out, he hopes he’ll inherit some of that fan love. “I’m collecting fan bases is what I’m doing,” he said with a smile. “I’m taking over the world slowly through fan base collection.”